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Weihong Zhang Milling Simulation. Metal Mechanics, Dynamics and Clamping Principles

Reliable scheduling in cutting conditions is very important in machining processes, and this requires thorough understanding of the physical behaviors of the machining process, which cannot be achieved without understanding the underlying mechanism of the processes. The book describes the mechanics and dynamics together with the clamping principles in milling processes, and can be used as a guideline for graduate students and research engineers who wish to be effective manufacture engineers and researchers. Many books have focused on common principles, which are suitable for general machining processes, e.g., milling, turning and drilling, etc. This book specifically aims at exploring the mechanics and dynamics of milling processes. Original theoretical derivations and new observations on static cutting force models, dynamic stability models and clamping principles associated with milling processes are classified and detailed. The book is indented as a text for graduate students and machining engineers who wish to intensively learn milling mechanism and machine tool vibration.

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